Share Certificates

Earn dividends at a higher rate than share savings accounts with flexible terms from 2 months up to 60 months. Share certificates are compounded monthly and require a $500 minimum deposit.

Share Certificates Benefits:

  • Terms of 2 to 60 months
  • Withdrawal dividends at any time without penalty
  • $500 minimum balance requirement
  • Certificates can be used as collateral for loans

The minimum to open a Share Certificate is $500. Interest is compounded and credited monthly. There is a penalty for early withdrawal of principal before the maturity date. The penalty amount is based on the term of your account: terms of 7-31 days – the greater of the dividends earned on the amount withdrawn or all of the dividends that could have been earned on the amount withdrawn during a period equal to one-half the maturity period; terms of 32 days – 1year – an amount equal to 60 days’ dividends, whether earned or not; terms of more than one year – an amount equal to 120 days’ dividends, whether earned or not. Certain exceptions apply.

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