Rate & Fee Schedule

The fees appearing in this Schedule are effective February 1, 2014.  Fees are subject to change at any time.


Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)
Account Research ($5 minimum)$20.00 per hour
Statement Copy$1.00 per month
International Wire Transfer (outgoing)$30.00 per transfer
Domestic Wire Transfer (outgoing)$15.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer (incoming)No Fee
Money Order$1.00 per item
Money Order Stop Payment$10.00 per order
Travelers' ChecksNo Fee
Travelers' Checks for Two$0.50 per $100.00
Withdrawal by Teller Check$1.00 per check
Teller Check Stop Payment$10.00
Account Early Closeout
   (account closed within 6 months of opening)
Unsatisfactory Account Closed by Credit Union$10.00
Bill PayNo Fee
Pin Replacement$2.00
DBC/ATM Card Replacement (per replacement)$5.00
Telephone TransferNo Fee
Levies and Restraining Orders$25.00 each
Canadian Check Collection$5.00
NSF Foreign Check$22.00 per item
NSF Return Deposit Item$10.00 per item
NSF Return Deposit
   (drawn on own checking at another financial institution)
$22.00 per item
Foreign Check Collection$20.00 per item
Return of Loan Payment Check$22.00 per item
Incorrect Address
   (non-notification of address correction, when mail is returned)
$2.00 each
Address Search$5.00 per search
Inactivity Fee
   (after 12 months *based on criteria set by Credit Union)
$2.00 per month
Visa Credit Card over limit$15.00
Loan and Visa Payment late fee
   (past due by 16 days or more)
Copy of Paid Check
   (Credit Union Teller Check)
$2.00 per item
Checking Account Fees
NSF/Overdraft/Courtesy Pay$22.00 per item
Stop Payment$10.00 per item
Regular Checking Account Service
   (if the balance falls below $300 at any time during the month)
$3.00 per month

Regular Checking Account Cleared Check

   (after sixty (60) checks cleared per month)

$0.10 per check
Collection Item$10.00 per item
Copy of Paid Check
   (drawn on your own account)
$1.50 per item
Fax Copy of Paid Check$2.00 per check
Certified Check$5.00 per check
Counter Check
   (limit 8)
$0.25 per check
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
On-Site ATM (withdrawal or transfer)No Fee to Members
Non-proprietary ATM (withdrawal or transfer)$0.90 per transaction
NSF Debit Card, ATM Card or ACH (debit transaction)$22.00 per transaction