Visa® Debit Card

Our VISA® Debit Card gives you 24-hour access to the money in your checking or savings account. It is a tool that is faster, more economical, more convenient... and just plain easier than using your checkbook. Just present the card at the time of purchase and the amount will be deducted from your checking account and it can be used wherever VISA® is accepted.

      • Access to Cash - The VISA® Debit Card gives you access to your checking and savings accounts and is your source for instant cash at ATMs worldwide that display the VISA® symbol.

      • Instant Access – We now offer instant issue debit cards that put immediate purchasing power in your hands. If you are a new member you can receive your card the same day you open your checking account. If you are an existing member and would like your new Debit card, you too can walk out with you card the same day.

      • Faster than Checks - Record each transaction in your check register as you would a check. Forget having to find your checkbook, a pen, and two forms of identification. The Debit Card is perfect for everyday purchases. It offers you the convenience of paying from your checking account without the hassle of writing a check.

      • No Credit Card Debt - It is not a credit card, it just works through the VISA® network. When you use it to make a purchase the money comes directly from your checking account balance. There are no interest charges or fees. Use it with the same convenience and merchant acceptance as a credit card, without the bills and finance charges.

      • Great for Travel - The VISA® Debit Card also means use of your checking account when out of town. There is no need to worry about getting your checks cashed, because the VISA® Debit Card is accepted wherever VISA® is accepted. It is safer to carry than cash and makes check-writing a thing of the past.

      • Safeguarded if Lost or Stolen - Lost or stolen cards can be de-activated immediately and replaced. See our disclosure for complete details. To report your Debit Card lost or stolen either call the Credit Union (option 4) or sign in to ETeller Online Banking.


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®VISA is a registered trademark of VISA International Services Association.