Visa® Platinum Credit Card

You will see the difference when comparing major credit cards with your Olean Area Federal Credit Union VISA® Platinum card.  At first, all credit cards look the same, but take a closer look... The differences between cards can add up to considerable savings:

  • No Membership Fee - No membership or annual fees, so you are dollars ahead before you start!
  • 25-Day Grace Period on Purchases - By paying off your VISA® balance within 25 days, you can avoid any finance charges.
  • Variable Rates as low as 7.75% APR - A rate you can count on! Transfer balances from your higher-rate cards and save on finance charges.
  • No Additional Fees - Your credit union VISA® card has no transaction fees and no cash advance fees.  One more way credit union membership pays!
  • Cash Advance Convenience - Your credit union VISA® gives you plenty of buying power when and where you need it.  You can get cash advances at any institution or ATM displaying the VISA® symbol without any fee imposed by the Credit Union.
  • Worldwide Acceptace - VISA® cards are accepted at more than 12 million merchants worldwide and can be used to obtain cash at thousands of ATMs displaying the VISA® symbol.
  • FREE Rewards - You now earn one point for every dollar you spend.  You can redeem them for merchandise, travel, gift certificates, and more at
  • Life and Disability Insurance Available - Your credit union believes that protecting your credit card with MEMBER'S CHOICE Term Life and Disability insurance is a crucial part of financial planning.
  • 24 Hour Customer Service - To report your card lost or stolen, account information or any questions you might have.  Contact the Credit Union during business hours or VISA® at 1-800-442-4757.
  • VISA® Credit Card Disputes - Call 1-800-442-4757.
  • Pay Your Bill

         - By Mail
         - At either branch location
         - On ETELLER
         - Or puts you in touch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with information services that make your credit union VISA® card more convenient and easier to manage than ever before.  Features include:

  • Online Credit Card Payments
  • Current and Past Statements
  • Transactions since your last statement
  • Email notifications of conditions or events on your account
  • Data downloadable to financial software such as Quicken or Money
  • Transaction and Spending Reports
  • Account Summary Information




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Olean Area Federal Credit Union will never ask for your personal or account information.Be cautious of suspicious phone calls, emails and text messages requesting your Personal Identification Number (PIN), account numbers and/or expiration date. If you think your accounts may have been compromised, please contact the credit union immediately.