Home Equity


Fixed Home Equity Loan Plan
     • Non-purchase loans for owner occupied homes
     • Up to 90% of appraised value minus any existing liens**
     • Minimum loan amount - $10,000
     • Maximum loan amount - $150,000
     • Rates are locked in at the time of application with a 60-Day Commitment with no extensions.
     • No or low closing costs*
     • No additional fees

FIXED FOR FIVE Home Equity Line of Credit

  • Big Borrowing Power - Borrow up to 80% of the value of your home (minus any existing mortgages).
  • Tax Deductible Interest - The interest you pay on your home equity loan may be tax deductible (see your tax advisor for details). 
  • Low Variable Rate - Initial Rate of 3.50% Annual Percentage Rate for the first five years. On the 61st month and every January 1st and July 1st thereafter, the rate will be adjusted to Wall Street Journal Prime Rate (currently 3.50% as of 12/21/15) at that time.
  • Minimum Line amount - $10,000
  • Maximum Line amount - $150,000
  • Maximum APR - 17.99%
  • No or low closing costs*
  • No additional fees

To speed approval time...
Below is a list of information and documents that will be needed in order to process your application:
• Application-available at the Credit Union
• Original Abstract (Title Search)
• Copy of your homeowner's insurance policy
• Copy of paid property taxes for current year
• Copies of the last two pay stubs or other income verification
• Verification authorization signed 
• Deed 
• Last two years W2s and tax returns
• If you are consolidating debts, bring in a list of debts to be paid off with the loan

How to Apply
If you have any questions, call the credit union to speak with a lender at (716)372-6607.
Take advantage of our great low rates and flexible plans!

*FEES AND CHARGES: If the Home Equity is closed within the first three years, you the member(s) will be responsible to reimburse the Credit Union for fees to third parties that were paid at the time of closing. The Credit Union will only pay normal closing fees. These fees generally total between $200.00-$1,500.00. If you ask, we will provide you with an itemization of the fees you would have to pay third parties.
NOTE: The Credit Union will not pay for a new Abstract of Title or Title Search, a survey if needed, Title Insurance if necessary, or discharge of mortgage for a prior lien holder(s), a full appraisal if requested by you, or any other miscellaneous fees.


Rates and Terms are subject to change without notice.


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