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MobileCU allows you the convenience of managing your accounts at your fingertips! You can check your account balances and transaction history, as well as make share to share transfers, loan payments and deposits. Set up “E-alerts” for that extra piece of mind.

MobileCU Benefits:

  • Check Balances
  • Set up E-alerts to notify you of balance levels, deposits, check clearing, etc.
  • Transfer Funds between credit union accounts
  • Make Loan Payments on your credit union accounts
  • Make Deposits: The 1st $250 of the total day’s deposits is available immediately; the balance is generally available in two business days. Longer holds may apply.
  • View Recent Activity
  • View Your History
  • Check Stop Payments
  • View or Schedule Transfers
  • Deactivate Your Debit Card: In the event your card is lost/stolen. (At this time, only the primary account holder’s card can be deactivated in this manner. A joint card holder can call the credit union during business hours or call 1.800.682.6075.
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