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myE-Checking Account has no monthly fee as long as you have a debit card, E-teller and receive E-statements. When members have 25+ POS1 debit card transactions posted during the month, they will receive a refund of up to $10 in foreign ATM fees2. As this option is our “electronic” checking option, you are limited to writing five checks per month. If you exceed this number, you will be assessed a $.25 per check fee.

As with all checking accounts, you will receive:

  • Free Debit Card3
  • Free E-teller – our on-line banking at
  • Free E-statement – go green with on-line statements and the ability to view your history in E-teller and MobileCU
  • Free E-pay – save on postage costs and pay your bills 24/7 by signing up for E-pay accessed in E-teller
  • Free MobileCU – Check your balance, make transfers, loan payments & advances and make a deposit from your phone! Download our App at the App Store4
  • Free E-alerts – Set up texts or emails to notify you of deposits, withdrawals or balance levels – you choose!4
  • Share to share transfers – link your deposit accounts to cover accidental shortages in your checking account and avoid the NSF fee!
  • Optional overdraft privilege5.

1POS=point of sale, which is using your debit card to purchase goods (an ATM withdrawal is not POS) 2Reimbursement will occur on the last day of your account statement cycle. 3There is no cost for the card however, foreign ATM charges may be assessed. 4Data carrier rates may apply. 5Overdraft Privilege Disclosure.

myE-Checking FAQ

Q: What if I need to write 6 checks for the month?

A: Your account will be assessed $.25 at the end of the month for the 6th check.

Q: What if I no longer want to receive a paper statement?

A: If you are in the myE-Checking account and do not have E-statements, you will be moved into the myBasicChecking account.

Q: What if I only have 20 POS debit card transactions for the month?

A: You will not receive the ATM reimbursement. There is no monthly fee.

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