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New Digital Banking Platform

Mobile and Online banking come together with our new Digital Banking platform. This provides our member’s with a more streamlined and convenient online experience.

The new platform offers added security benefits as well as additional options to create a more personalized digital banking experience.

Important Updates:

  • If you are traveling and need to request card access:
    • Click on ‘Travel Note Request’ in the menu options.
    • This option will bring you to ‘Messages’ to start a conversation.
    • Send a message with the text “Travel Note.”
    • A representative will assist and send you the Travel Note form to fill out and return.
  • E-statements can be viewed under the ‘Documents’ option.
  • For information regarding External Transfers (formerly FI-to-FI Transfers) visit our External Transfers page.
  • When using the Mobile Deposit feature, be sure that “For Mobile Deposit Only” is written on the back of the check.
  • All accounts, shares, and loans that you are joint on will be viewable online and in the Mobile app. Login credentials are based on the primary (first on the account) member’s information, if you are a joint account holder and would like to create your own Digital Banking login, stop in to any branch or give us a call.
    • Note: If you share login information with someone, that person will have access to see all of the accounts, shares and loans you are primary or joint on.
  • The following options can only be done within the account you are logged into:
    • Renaming Shares
    • View Statements
    • Certificate Renewals
    • Address Changes
    • Check Orders
    • External Transfers
    • Check Withdrawals
    • Certificates

Member Communications:

Email #1 – New Platform Announcement

Email #2 – New Features & Changes

Email #3 – Joint Account Access

How-to documents:

Two-factor authentication

Setting up Account Alerts

Setting up User Alerts

Video Banking