Home Equity Line of Credit Rates

Effective 3/15/2019

Our “FIXED FOR FIVE” Home Equity Line of Credit has an initial rate of 4.00%APR* for the first five years and adjusts twice annually with Prime Rate.**

Minimum Loan $10,000 – Maximum Loan $150,000 

Maximum LTV for all Mortgages Against the Property is 80%

Draw Period – 10 Years – Repayment Period – 20 Years

 Years 1-5  4.00%  80%
 Years 6-20

Prime Rate**(5.50%APR as of 1/1/19)

Varies twice yearly on January 1st and July 1st with Prime Rate.


*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All loans subject to credit approval, home eligibility, minimum and maximum loan amounts, and LTV stipulations.

**Prime rate, as published in the Wall Street Journal, currently 5.50%. Rates subject to change without notice. Rate not to exceed 17.99%.

NMLS #585840    Equal Housing Lender